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Name Style Brewer Copy
Milkshake Juicebomb NEIPA NEIPA Richard Copy
Mein Weizen Weizen Kristian Copy
The Hopbach Witbier Facimo Copy
Pliny the Elder DIPA Clone Double IPA Kristian Copy
IPA SCA American IPA Dries Copy
Dry Hopped Lager International Pale Lager Kristian Copy
Citra Splash IPA American IPA Richard Copy
Pleurus Blonde Belgian Blonde Ale Janvanlierop Copy
Short Skirts Saison Saison Janvanlierop Copy
Russian Imperial Coffee Stout Russian Imperial Stout Janvanlierop Copy
Corona White Witbier Dries Copy
Punk IPA Clone IPA Richard Copy
Amarillo Citra Hazy IPA American IPA Sean Copy
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra Clone American IPA Jan van Lierop Copy
Kveik Imperial Stout Imperial Stout Eelco Copy
Sabro Milkshake IPA Milkshake IPA Eelco Copy
Release the East NEIPA New England IPA Johnnyr79 Copy
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone Pale Ale Richard Copy
10 Day New England IPA New England IPA Kristian Copy
Leffe Blonde Extreme 7.1% Belgian Blonde Richard Copy
Verdant Maybe One More PSI? DIPA Clone 8% Double IPA Sean Copy
Richards Imperial IPA 10.75% Double IPA Richard Copy
ONK 89p Oatmeal Stout 5.95% Oatmeal Stout Eelco Copy