RECIPE: Amarillo Citra Hazy IPA

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Gonna put this in the MB this weekend after another seemingly failed attempted with Kveik, I'm determined. Amarillo and Citra hopped Hazy IPA, heavy on haze with Wheat Malt and Torrefied Flaked Oats. Bit of a Cara Gold for colour. Fermented at 21 degrees with US-05, dropping to 18 over 3 days for the dry hop. This will be 15g of Citra and 15g of Amarillo and not the values specified.

SRM: 9
IBU: 44
ABV: 6.42%

screencapture-pro-minibrew-io-beers-1853-2020-06-12-15_54_08.png (740.22 KiB) Viewed 511 times
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