Milkshake IPA - Sabro Edition

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I brewed this beer a couple of times by now and I really enjoy this beer. The Sabro hop is a wonderful tasty hop. The combination with the 'lactose' and the Vermont ale yeast makes it very easy going.

Since I had all of the ingredient except for the lactose sugar I did some research and I found an alternative: the use of coffee sweeteners. Based on a recipe which included lactose sugar, I calculated the amount of granulated sugar was required to get the correct amount of sweetness. Using this number I recalculated the amount of sugar cubes we required and I used this amount of sweeteners: 11.

A HOP DROP is used to drop in the 11 coffee sweeteners in during the last 10 minutes of the boil. Please note this is not mentioned in the recipe.

Also important to mention: this beer requires a long lagering time. It gets better after 3 weeks. The different elements start to blend together in harmony. Before the sweetness, hop and esters are more separate elements.

Extra note: in this recipe I set the dry-hop temperature to 21 degrees. Not sure if I like this. Maybe I like 18 degrees for 3 days better.

The 4.5 grams for dry hopping mentioned in the recipe should be 45 grams using a hop spider. ... sweetener/ ... ellet.html ... t-bay.html

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LOL @coffee sweeteners!
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I like it a lot!
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