RECIPE: Dry Hopped Lager

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Dry Hopped Lager

This is the recipe of my dry hopped lager. It's based on a simple pilsener grain bill using the Mangrove Jacks M76 Bavarian Lager yeast for (cold/bottom) fermentation.
Starting with traditional german hops in the first version of this recipe I quickly switched over to using typical american aroma hops. I found that Simcoe and Cascade both do perfectly match the dry and simple malty character of pale lagers and the result is this recipe.

In this version I raised the amount of Columbus used for bittering to reach 40 IBU instead of former 35 IBU and the amount of Cascade hops for dry hopping from 10gr to 20gr. I did this because I thought it might improve the beer even further.

For lagering (the last 14 days conditioning step) I usually transfer the beer into a 5 liter mini keg and put that into the fridge, because cooling efficiency is way better. If you can, give the beer more than 14 days. It improves over time and looses the typical "greenish" flavour of young lager beers leaving a more crisp and clean character. Nevertheless the result after 2 weeks of lagering is already "drinkable".

I hope you enjoy this beer as much as I do.

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