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I'm planning a Raspberry Wheat Ale.
Anyone with experience on putting fruit in the keg at secondary fermentation. Any tips or tricks?
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I've never done it myself but I know a few people here have used a grain bag or hop bag and placed the fruit in there in secondary. Sanitised/boiled beforehand briefly I think.
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I added 1 fresh mango once. Fresh, blended and boiled it for 5 min. Than added to the Hazy dazy brewpack, as the first one I brewed was very bitter. I added it at the beginning of secondary stage. I used the tea mash container MiniBrew sold on there website (it is just a ordinary steal tea ball)
Mango was there but still the brew pack was to bitter (I recently heard that there was an issue with the Hazy Dazy in the beginning?). No contamination, no problems pouring the beer.
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